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A graduate exchange program between the United Kingdom and the University of Pennsylvania offers a life-changing opportunity for exceptional students. It provides generous scholarships for postgraduate study abroad, and recipients will be welcomed into a diverse and stimulating community of international scholars and Thouron alumni. He currently works at Deloitte Consulting where he supports the international development organizations and technology strategy practices. While at Penn, Rinder was president of 180 Degrees Consulting, leading pro bono projects for social enterprises and nonprofits.

Whitlock, of Washington, D.C., is in the Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research joint-degree program, majoring in materials science and engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Science and in earth science in the School of Arts and Sciences. Whitlock has worked on biomimetic functional materials with Penn Engineering’s Shu Yang Laboratory and internationally at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission. More recently, he worked at the intersection of industrial materials and environmental impact on the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy-funded project Fossil Fuels, the Building Industry, and Human Health.

She is currently conducting research on Alzheimer’s at the Penn Neurodegeneration Genomics Center. A crisis counselor for those suffering from anxiety and depression, she also volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House and the Bethesda Project homeless shelter. A nationally ranked chess player, she has been a teaching assistant in Penn’s Statistics Department. Kleidermacher plans to pursue a Ph.D. in population health with the goal of pursing a medical degree in the U.S. and a career combatting Alzheimer’s disease. Each scholarship winner receives tuition for up to two years, as well as travel and living stipends, to earn a graduate degree there. Because of pandemic restrictions, this year’s scholars can start their degrees in 2021 or in 2022.

The award is granted to eight or nine rising juniors and seniors from Harvard, Yale, and Penn, with typically three students selected from each university. British Fellows have studied in all of the graduate and professional schools of the University of Pennsylvania. American Fellows have attended some 53 British educational institutions, with Cambridge, Oxford and the University of London attracting the majority of the Penn students. In the 50 years of its existence, the Thouron Award has played an influential role in the lives and careers of its alumni. As new Thouron Fellows cross the Atlantic each year to take up or continue their studies, it seems that the program of cooperation is growing and strengthening.

The John Thouron Prize will be awarded to a small, select group of undergraduates from Harvard, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania to pursue an eight-week summer program at Pembroke College, Cambridge University. Through exposure to the world-renowned undergraduate teaching system , students will be challenged intellectually, and through engagement with a wide range of carefully tailored extracurricular experiences, they will have an enriching cultural experience. He is a member of the Eisenlohr Laboratory at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia holiday inn express dumas tx Research Institute where he studies endogenous Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II antigen processing and presentation as well as monoclonal antibody development. Novak has been the chief trip leader of the Penn Outdoors club for two years and is the current vice president of the Penn Bucket club. His academic distinctions at Penn include the Vagelos Challenge Award and Phi Beta Kappa. Each scholarship recipient receives tuition for as long as two years, as well as travel and living stipends, to earn a graduate degree there.