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It is a five-hour journey by train through village landscapes. My grandparents stay there and my grandfather takes care of the fields and produces. I was ever excited to visit my village for more than one reason. The air is clean and the whole environment is so much relaxed in the villages that makes you slip immediately into the comfort zone. Apart from playing guitar I also prepared for the coming academic session. I had already purchased the books in advance and studied for a couple of hours every day.

He lives in orlando, oh my God can you image that, there are a lot of park. The first park that we visited was Universal, it’s an interesting park because all its atractions come from movie. After we visited Disney World.This park is so emotioned, i saw a lot of cartoon as Mickey mouse,Pocahonta,and others. It was a short trip to the swamp in my city, yet it was unforgetable to me. we, four people, departed to the countryside on an early morning.

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The second day we visited the the Yue temple. The statue stand in the temple in all his majesty. We saw a lots of silk procucts like silk umbrella, scarves, garments… Finally my parents felt exhausted. My sister and i then went to a local foods shop, which sell the famous green tea.

After receiving the invitation letter, you must print it, sign it, and send it to your guest. Then your guest must send it to the US Embassy in their home country. Fill out the form with correct and sincere information about you, your guest, and the dates when your guest will enter and depart the US.