Through their lighting, Vibia wants to help create the right atmosphere so that the experience of living every space is a fulfilled and unique one. The brand offers a unique collection of products and solutions that stimulate lighting professionals and help generate spaces. VIBIA is based in Barcelona, a place of cultivated design culture and an important knowledge cluster, where the brand has been able to channel its industrial and service suppliers’ abilities and construct a top-class team of people. From local knowledge the company has built up a global business. Vibia is present in 80 countries and have a subsidiary in New Jersey . Today over a 100,000 professionals work on their lighting projects on

Lighting is a way for individuals to express their personalities and to give shape to their personal points of view. All prices shown include 19% VAT for deliveries to Deutschland excluding possible shipping costs. Worldwide shipping We ship our products practically anywhere on the planet. Seoul Design Award seeks innovative projects that facilitate … Daily updates on the latest design and architecture vacancies advertised on Dezeen Jobs. Sent every Tuesday and containing a selection of the most important news highlights.

Vibia’s mission is to make it easier for every individual to identify with the space in which they live, work and visit, by supplying the right lighting. To inspire the creative abilities and good taste of both consumers and design professionals with a unique range of lighting products. The system is made from a conductive fabric belt that light fittings can be clipped onto”The Plusminus collection is a toolbox which, thanks to the wide range it contains, enables you to find solutions to an incredible number of lighting problems,” commented Diez. “I think architects and lighting designers today need investment certainty, and Plusminus offers that.”

Through the careful curation of materials, light sources and connectivity systems, raw hammer bowling balls delivers bespoke solutions that are highly customisable — allowing clients to orchestrate high quality spaces that compliment their natural environments. The diffuse and wide light distribution of Big is created by the rather flat, circular diffuser made of methacrylate, which emits completely glare-free light. It is enclosed by a white or chrome-plated stainless steel ring.

The Munich-based designer has previously collaborated with Vibia on a series of glass lamps that feature glowing etched patterns and edges. A range of six lighting elements can be attached to the fabric belt using a clip-and-connect system of anchors and fixings. The elements, which include a sphere, semisphere, cone, spotlight, linear diffuser and linear low UGR, can be adjusted, attached, or removed as required. The shipping costs include brokerage fees and do not include taxes or customs duties. These are listed at check out and collected along with your order payment.

Plusminus’s groundbreaking concept brings a paradigm shift in design lighting with itself. This lighting system blurs the limits between pendant, sconce, and floor lights, and introduces new… The lighting scheme is intended to give design flexibilityThe flexible design allows the system to be used in a range of settings including creating intimate lighting in the home or elaborate light sculptures in public buildings. Sign up for our newsletter to find out about special offers, exclusive promotions, sales and more.

The pendant lights have a long suspension and are designed for rooms with high ceilings. The Flat floor lamps shine with a double functionality, because the metallic discs can also serve as a shelf. Vibia is a Spanish architectural lighting brand, based in Barcelona, a lively and creative city especially in the field of design, culture and innovation.

It is no surprise that the lighting brand has received prestigious awards, such as the Archiproducts Design Award and the Design Plus Award. The collections that Vibia brings to market are unique and luxurious. Technology and design go hand in hand and each design is given an extremely high-quality finish.

They constantly seek out innovative concepts and improved lighting solutions. This method allows the brand to bring first-rate products to the market. The clearly-defined identity of the Vibia lighting collection is founded on the principal of light being one of the most primal creative forces, and embracing this idea to understand how people live and interact with light. Designers and architects can use software provided on Vibia’s websiteto design their own bespoke lighting solutions or choose from a range of pre-set configurations. Plusminus is a customisable lighting systemIt was designed to give architects and designers full flexibility over lighting schemes. The specially developed textile track, available in four colour finishes, can be hung loosely or pulled in tension to form the system’s structure.

They also have many energy efficient fixtures, with over 30 fluorescent and 7 LED designs. Vibia evolves by studying and understanding how people live in their spaces, surprising them with just the right proposals – often unexpected – to help create the desired feelings. Evoking the visual language of the ancient sundial, the new logo designed by Pentagram uses subtly evolving shadows to convey the company’s deep and fundamental connection to natural light. The new VIbia brand identity moves away from away from these played out clichés, focusing instead on light’s value, and its symbiotic relationship with human knowledge, emotion and sense making. Vibia is Spain’s leading lighting company, a Barcelona-based family business with a global presence. What we do is constantly evolving, giving our users control to be composers, poets, performers, orchestrators of their own space.