Women’s Real Estate Investors Network: Women’s Real Estate Investors Network Impacts Over 3,000 Women at First Annual Event

Each of the experts cited above were successful marketers as proven by their bestselling books, but they were also financial failures as proven by their bankruptcy filings. Just imagine… if these dream merchants’ personal financial practices land them in bankruptcy, what does that indicate about the credibility of their financial advice? How beginner investors are perfect prey for illegitimate coaching companies. “Without fear of her future” was very informative but from $17 to $9,700 is a huge risk.

I am just coming off of a high right now because of our three-day “WREIN Live” event where we had over 3,000 women in one arena. We made history with this because there’s never been another time when that many women convened in this industry. We teach how to invest, there’s a lot about mindset and how to design a life you love. Build your confidence and learn how to help homeowners solve their problems so you can create a win-win and close the deal.

“This network has been amazing! The women are wonderful, and you will learn a lot very quickly. The best part of the network is the other ladies. You can partner up with others using each other’s strengths. The comradery is unbelievable within this group.” It has been a blessing working with Laura across three brands – she delivered a brand essence and manifesto leveraging focus groups and facilitation, membership conversion tools and partnering with me on a corporate strategy project. Laura has a rare combination of true operational experience coupled with excellent communication and facilitation skills and the ability to deliver practical tools in short order. Laura is that unique leader who converts insights and intent to practical and useful tools and programs.

Dave Del Dotto, author of “Cash Flow System,” was charged by the FTC with misrepresenting products in 1993 and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1995. If you enjoyed your experience with our practice, please select one or more of the review sites below, and tell us about it! Follow him on his journey as he continues to encourage the world to believe in their dreams and their goals by giving them the mindset, accountability and the strategies that they need to achieve them. Whether mentoring one-on-one or delivering a keynote presentation, there is one word that describes Kelton’s goals —Results.

Laura has been a fabulous thought-partner to me when it comes to both scaling my brand nationally as well as the implementation of online marketing strategies that drive profitability, which she is amazing at. She is overflowing with information, and is always available to help. I am beyond grateful for Laura’s assistance in crafting the right brand strategies that helped my company grow from just under 20 to q552u over 100 locations within two years’ time. I founded the Women’s Real Estate Investors Network to create a safe space for women to receive education, encouragement, community, celebration, and support from other like-minded women who are on a similar path to financial security and freedom. Learn how the wealthy leverage other people’s money to invest in real estate and generate multi-generational wealth.

The primary goal of the Women’s REIN is to deliver support for women seeking financial freedom through investing in real estate. The Women’s REIN will host their virtual course, Without Fear of Her Future MasterClass, to help women gain financial freedom amidst rising prices in America. By providing the knowledge, tools, and encouragement they need, women all across the nation will be equipped with the confidence and community they need to persevere and navigate the current market to create and protect wealth for themselves and their families.

Aggressive marketers know full well customers are more likely to spend thousands of dollars on a high-priced seminar after several smaller sales have already established a relationship than they would if they asked for the money up front. Building wealth is hard work, takes time, and requires financial prudence. Dream merchants want you to believe it’s quick and easy and requires little or no effort. Unfortunately, aggressive marketers seek to exploit the human frailty of wanting to believe there are secrets only the rich understand that explain why they have no money, but the rich do.

Learn the 4 corners of real estate investing to build a strong foundation to secure your financial future. The difference between a dream merchant focused on maximizing sales versus a legitimate money coach who’s focused on your success is important to understand. If you buy the latest, trendy investment seminar instead of focusing on applying timeless wisdom, realize you’re likely dealing with a marketing-driven organization rather than a company focused on your long-term education and success. Most people succeed at building wealth by overcoming their personal obstacles to success and applying timeless, proven strategies with sufficient discipline and persistence to actually produce results. The fact is most everything you need to know to build wealth can be learned for little or no money and is already well-documented and proven. The exception to this rule is specialized niche knowledge explaining new developments and strategies within an industry.

Beware when buying a coaching or mentoring program from a high profile guru who developed large media exposure and reached the New York Times bestseller list. When you purchase a seminar or coaching program, you should receive a complete package of the guru’s best stuff that’s completely actionable as a stand-alone product. The get-rich-quick appeal is designed to activate your sense of entitlement and laziness.