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Many a times, the structure, even if it is demanded by the client and society according to the requirements, portrays the architect’s character. A personality that has evolved around the society, honed from the cultural beliefs and nuances, will definitely put all of this in the structure that gets built. A narrative that explains this philosophy would also help in reducing the design intellectual barriers in between the architectural fraternity and the society in general. We want to provide our readers with as much information as possible so we prefer to publish guest posts that are written in great detail.

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The Architecture Blog Tumblr is quite addictive for architecture-lovers. There’s no formal articles written, and they merely re-publish photos of great architecture, but that’s what makes it great. As always on Tumblr, readers can click through to the original articles and see more.


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We love to hear fromemployees currently working in the new spacewho worked closely with the project team and had a hand in the big decisions. Generally, it’s best that adesigner, architect, or workplace strategistwho worked on the project acts as our main contact. Social media tags to promote the published article. Please maintain a third-person voice at all times. Try to avoid slang and provide context when describing hypothetical scenarios.

If you are looking for a real estate write for us guest post website, Strange Buildings is going to help you get the exposure you need. Take note that you are only allowed to put in 2 links on your article. The first link is going to be for your website while the second one is going to be for a relevant high authority site. We also encourage you to add internal links to articles on our website, if there’s a good fit.

I can affirm the lack of need for a phd to write. I have a masters and soon ama gonna have a phd; but seriously suck with the writing . A former employer of mine encouraged everyone to develop a personal niche and become an expert in that field. My area of expertise was recreational and wellness facility design. I spoke at a few conferences but never got around to submitting any abstracts for publications. For the parts I’ve read (roughly 1/3), a lot of it, especially the “trendy” theoretical stuff, is already the equivalent of dated advertising copy.

All materials, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. Finally, we will provide you with the live link to your guest blog and the acknowledgment email. Welcome to the Write for Us page of Architecture Ideas, where we share about everything related to architecture, as the name of our blog reveals. Links to relevant content or writing you’ve created for yourself or other publications. In the cover letter, tell us why you are the right person for this job. Please share relevant experience, insight, and motivation.